Insurance Coverage

Whether your auto insurance company has denied you the right to make a bodily injury claim for pain and suffering because it claims you selected limited tort coverage or whether your homeowner’s insurance company is refusing to provide you with a defense if you have been sued, Anthony Zarella can evaluate your insurance company’s denial.  Anthony has drafted hundreds of policy coverage opinions and can work with you to determine if your insurance company is providing you with the benefits and coverage that you deserve.

Insurance companies are not always right when it comes to interpreting your policy and advising you of your rights. In some cases, insurance company adjusters are inexperienced and unfamiliar with Pennsylvania laws regarding insurance policy provisions.   For example, some Pennsylvania insurance policies contain provisions and exclusionary clauses that have been ruled by Pennsylvania courts to be void and against public policy.  Just because your policy contains exclusions does not necessarily mean that those exclusions are legal and enforceable.  Further, many insurance companies fail to secure the proper selection forms (e.g., Limited Tort Election Forms, Rejection of Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage Forms, Rejection of Uninsured and Underinsured Coverage Stacking Forms, etc.) but still try to deny coverage despite not having the proper election and rejection forms on file.  As an experienced coverage attorney, Anthony can contact your insurance company and request copies of the mandatory election and waiver coverage forms to ensure that they are on file and in compliance with Pennsylvania law.  If the insurance company does not have the proper waiver or election forms on file, it may have to extend coverage to you.

In addition, Pennsylvania law is constantly changing, and an insurance policy exclusion that was valid last year might not be valid today.  In many cases it takes an insurance company time to amend its policies to comply with a new law, thereby leaving outdated exclusions in the policy for months or even years.   Anthony monitors changes in Pennsylvania law to determine which insurance provisions are valid and which ones are void, unenforceable and against public policy.

If you believe that your insurance company has unfairly denied you the insurance coverage and benefits to which you are entitled, call Anthony for a free consultation and let him put his 15 years of insurance coverage experience to work for you.