Slip and Fall Accidents

Falls are the second leading cause of personal injury claims in the United States. Each year, over a million people suffer injuries from falls in this country.

Falls occur for many reasons and can be caused by slippery surfaces, uneven sidewalks, holes or objects in a walking path, and/or poor lighting.  Falls can involve stairs, ladders or other structures where the injured person falls from an elevated surface.  Falls can cause serious injuries to the back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip and other joints, as well as injuries to the head/brain and other parts of the body.

In some cases, the owner of the property on which the fall occurred may be liable.  If, for example, the property owner was aware of a dangerous condition and failed to do anything about it, the property owner could be liable for personal injuries resulting from the dangerous condition.  In such cases, it takes an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate the circumstances surrounding the fall and to advise you of your legal rights.

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